Last Sunday I checked out the new Austin Central Public Library.  Austin is truly growing up.  Other major cities have libraries that are true destinations for students, people working remotely, families and tourists alike and Austin has joined the big leagues!

My first impression was “Wow, I feel like I am in a Frank Lloyd Wright design”.  The multilevel library is completely open in the center so as you climb up you gain visual access to all levels.  It is stunning.  Additionally, they incorporated so many cool details.  The designers, Lake Flato,outdid themselves.

View from above Austin Central Library


Something else to note it the rooftop courtyard overlooking the lake and trail as well as downtown Austin.  This space provides a stunning respite and features a butterfly garden.

Inside are stacks of books to peruse (it is a library after all!) as well asbreak out rooms for meetings and brainstorming. 

Coming soon is a cafe cheekily named Cookbook by the The Elm restaurant group  (known for Easy Tiger, 24 Diner, Italic and Irene’s)

Overall it is a fantastic community centric space and it made me even more proud to call Austin my home.

*Note there is a large onsite parking garage under the library and the first 30 minutes are free.  Street parking is available nearby.

View from Austin Central Public Library Rooftop
Rooftop courtyard Butterfly Garden


Another angle on the view




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